How to Fix PC Runtime Errors

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Runtime errors are common problems PC users face when running applications. Runtime errors prevent certain programs or files from being accessed and can slow down the computer for work and entertainment effectiveness. A few tips can help fix runtime errors that you may encounter.

Step 1

Some applications may be causing a conflict. Many times runtime errors are a result of incompatibility between two or more programs. Press the "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Delete" keys simultaneously to open Windows Task Manager. From the "Applications" tab, close each open application until the runtime error is resolved.


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Step 2

Check for patches, bug fixes or upgrades by visiting the manufacturer's website. Search for your product and determine whether there are downloads to fix the problem your PC is experiencing.

Step 3

When none of the above fixes help, reinstall the troubling program. In severe cases, you may need to reinstall your operating system. Make sure that you back up the other programs and files you want to preserve, which may be erased during the re-installation.



Prevent runtime errors by regularly scanning your hard drive for viruses. In addition, make sure your computer has the latest software updates.



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