How to Fix Pixelation of My Laptop

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Every laptop computer features an integrated LCD screen, and every screen has a native resolution, which varies from one laptop model to another. Pixelation occurs when a non-native resolution is used to display images on the laptop screen. This is because the laptop must add new pixels to surround every native pixel, ensuring that the image remains uniform and fills the screen. You can fix pixelation on a laptop screen by resetting the screen to its native resolution.


Step 1

Right-click your mouse on an empty area of your computer desktop where no icons are present.

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Step 2

Click "Screen resolution."

Step 3

Click the drop-down menu next to "Resolution."

Step 4

Drag the slider bar upward to the highest setting.


Step 5

Click "OK." The new resolution is displayed. If the screen looks acceptable, press the "OK" button within 15 seconds; otherwise, the screen returns to the previous setting automatically.



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