How to Get Earbuds to Stay in Your Ear

By Bonnie Crowe

Nothing spoils a good workout like earbuds that keep popping out of your ears. Whether you have small ears or an unusually shaped ear canal, getting those little plastic devices to stay in can be a serious challenge.

Get Rubber Tipped Earbuds

In-ear headphone tips that are made of solid plastic aren't adjustable and typically won't stay in unless you're lucky enough to have an ear canal shaped to fit. Even if you manage to get flat earbuds to work for a short time, running or sudden movements can cause them to pop out. If you're serious about comfort and sound, get a high quality pair of earbuds that come with various sized, flexible, rubber earbud tips that will fit and form to your ear canal. Insert the tips firmly but carefully in the entry of your ear canal and twist them in place to form a seal. Never insert them past the outer canal or you risk damaging your eardrums. Rubber earbud tips will conform to the shape of your ear with age, so make sure to wear them often.