How to Get Into Your Router Network Settings

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Routers often host a lot of settings that you can work with to set up a network, but accessing them can be tricky if, for example, you've lost the tutorial CD. Fortunately, it's always possible to access a router's settings manually.


Step 1

Look on the router's underside and/or manual to find the "admin address." This usually consists of an IP address that most commonly looks like this:

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Step 2

Open a Web browser on a computer connected to the router.


Step 3

Enter the address of the router's administration page in the address field and hit "Enter."

Step 4

Enter the admin user name and password, then hit "Enter" and the network settings page will appear. The user name usually consists of "admin" and either "admin," "password" or a blank box for the password.


Most brands use the same admin address for all of the products they sell, so if you can't find your router's address you can always try and visit the manufacturer's website or call their customer support line to find out.