How to get rid of a Runtime Error

Runtime is the time a program on your computer starts and stops running. If you open a program, the runtime starts, when you close a program the runtime stops. This usually happens without a glitch, but occasionally you will see the dreaded, "runtime error has occurred." This is how to correct the runtime error.

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get rid of a Runtime Error


Runtime errors will usually have a number code that will describe exactly what the runtime error is but it won't tell you how to resolve the error. Google the runtime error plus the code to get a better understanding of that specific error. The quickest way to fix a runtime error is to Turn off Error Checking:

  • Open Internet Explorer - Go to Tools menu - Select Internet Options - Click on the Advanced tab - Check box "Disable script debugging (other)" - Click "Apply" and the "OK" at bottom of window

To disable error reporting on Mozilla Firefox:

  • Start, right click on My Computer - Select Properties - Click Advanced tab - Click Error Reporting tab - Disable error reporting


The most common reason for runtime errors is a corrupt registry. You can correct the registry by removing unnecessary files, applications, and games from your computer. Use the uninstall feature properly because these unnecessary files are taking up valuable computer resources. Run a virus scan to search for malicious software. Run a registry scan using Windows registry software such as, "Registry Patrol" or "Registry Mechanic," both will run diagnostics test on your computer and identify and fix the problem. After the aforementioned is completed, this will correct any registry problems you may have.


Runtime errors indicate the fact that there are bugs in the program/software. What you have is a clash of the program you are trying to run and your computers registry. Another reason you get this error is if your computer runs out of memory. If you get the runtime error often, a simple solution is to add more RAM (Random Access Memory) to your computer. A Runtime Error does not mean that your computer has crashed, because if you follow the steps mentioned above you can easily recover from these type errors.

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