My Toshiba Laptop Won't Shut Down

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If your Toshiba laptop computer won't shut down, that means that there is a program on your computer that Windows is unable to close for some reason. Before Windows can shut itself down, it must first close all open software. If a program has stopped responding to Windows commands, your computer won't be able to shut itself down. You can combat this by manually shutting the program down using the Task Manager.


Step 1

Right-click your Toshiba laptop computer task bar.

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Step 2

Click "Start Task Manager."

Step 3

Click "Applications."


Step 4

Click on the name of the first program in the list of open programs. Click "End Task" to force that program to shut down. Repeat this process until all programs are gone from this window. At that point, you can close the Task Manager.


Step 5

Click "Start" and select "Shut Down." Your computer will now shut down properly.

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