How to Get Rid of Amazon Tracking Cookies

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Cookies are text files saved in your temporary Internet folder that are created to keep track of your browsing history and information. On one hand, this saves you from having to keep entering in your log-in information to view a site. But on the other hand, tracking cookies are used by companies such as Amazon to track your browsing behavior and then make "personalized" recommendations on what to buy from that company. Because this tracking information is not private, one way to prevent this from being known is to delete your Amazon tracking cookies.


How to Get Rid of Amazon Tracking Cookies

Step 1

Go to the top tool bar of your Mozilla Firefox browser and click "Tools." Then click "Options."

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Step 2

Click the padlock icon that says "Privacy." Click "Show Cookies." Scroll down till you see and click "Remove Cookie."

Step 3

Go to the upper right side tool bar of your Internet Explorer browser and click "Tools." Then choose "Internet Options."

Step 4

Click the tab that says "General" and click "Delete" next to browsing history. This will delete all of your cookies.


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