How Do I Disable Amazon Recommendations?

Amazon uses previous purchases, items you've looked at and even things other customers with similar tastes have bought to recommend items that may also interest you. These suggestions appear at the bottom and sides of an item's page on the Amazon website, and under your carousel when you use a Kindle HDX in portrait view. Turning off these recommendations is a fairly straight-forward process on the HDX. You'll have to do a bit more, however, to stop seeing recommendations when you're shopping on the Amazon website.

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Amazon recommendations don't have to clutter your screen.
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Disabling Recommendations on the Amazon Kindle HDX Home Screen

The display options for recommendations on the HDX are found in the Settings menu. Tap the "Applications" option, and select "Home Screen." Tap the "Hide" button under Home Recommendations. Suggestions will no longer appear under the carousel.

Turning off Recommendations on the Amazon Website

First and foremost, you'll have to go through the listing of recommendations and click the "Not Interested" button for each. This turns off your current recommendations, but doesn't stop new ones. Completely disabling Amazon recommendations requires some additional steps.

Keeping Them Off

From the "Your Account" menu page, click "Your Browsing History Settings" under the Personalization heading. Select the "Delete All' option to erase your browsing history, and then click the "Turn Off Browsing History" button. This stops the site from recommending items based on pages you visited. Go back to the "Your Account" page and select "Improve Your Recommendations." Scroll through the list of items and check the "Don't Use for Recommendations" box next to each entry. This removes the site's ability to use past purchases to recommend new items.