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When you're ready to leave Christian Mingle, you'll need to complete the site's unsubscribe process to ensure no future billing occurs and to prevent your account from showing up in member search results. Account status is controlled through the "Your Account" option of the Christian Mingle website. You can delete your Christian Mingle account at any time, but the site saves most of your information in its database.


Step 1

Log in to your Christian Mingle account. Click "Your Account" to view account details such as membership status, login settings and hidden or blocked members.

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Step 2

Click "Remove My Profile" to initiate the account-deletion process. Complete the account-cancellation survey, which includes three questions about your Christian Mingle experience and offers you an opportunity to provide feedback on the service.


Step 3

Click "Continue" to remove your profile. Depending on your survey choices, you may see one more set of questions. For example, if you select "I'm getting married!" as your reason for leaving, the next menu will ask your permission to share your success story with other Christian Mingle users. Fill out these questions as needed and click "Continue" to finish deleting your account.



You can reactivate your Christian Mingle account at any time by logging in with your old user information. Christian Mingle retains your profile information and pictures.

If you have linked Christian Mingle to Facebook, Twitter or any other social service, log in to each of those services and revoke Christian Mingle’s access. Access is not automatically removed when you close your account.


Christian Mingle does not offer a complete account-deletion option. To ensure all sensitive data is removed from public view, manually delete your profile pictures and wipe each section of your profile before deactivating your account.

Always show caution when sharing personal information on a dating site. Christian Mingle’s terms of service reserves the right to retain information indefinitely even if you request that it be removed. The information you upload to this site may never be fully removed.



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