How to Get Rid of the Windows Update Virus

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How to Get Rid of the Windows Update Virus. One apparent virus swimming around the Internet has been called the "Windows Update virus," because it looks like a message to update your Windows software but has been identified as a trojan called dnetc.exe. Clearly, no true Microsoft program would be identified as a Trojan virus, so this should be removed from your PC immediately.


Step 1

Use caution while browsing MySpace. This is one of the biggest targets, as MySpace users are receiving friend requests that provide links to the Windows Update virus. Be very careful with requests from people you don't know.

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Step 2

Contact your antivirus software provider and see if it will protect you from the Windows Update virus. McAfee is one brand of anti-spyware that will prevent this virus from being installed.


Step 3

Keep your antivirus software updated and scan your computer regularly. If you receive a suspicious "Windows Update" message, run an antivirus scan and keep a lookout for dnetc.exe. Make sure your software can remove it if it comes up.


Step 4

Take your computer into a service department if you are certain you have this or any other virus that your software can't remove. Newer viruses like "Windows Update dnetc" always cause the biggest problems until antivirus makers learn how to fight them.



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