How to Get the Short URL on Reddit

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Sharing short URLs is helpful for mobile users.
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Reddit's built-in URL shortener lets you share any post on Reddit using a much shorter link. The links are created using the Reddit toolbar. The toolbar is something you turn on in your account preferences, rather than having to download a browser extension. The toolbar shortens every link automatically after you visit it.


The Reddit toolbar can quickly be turned on by clicking "Preferences" from any page, then selecting the "Display links with a Reddit toolbar" box. Save your changes, then go back to the main page. This option displays a toolbar at the top of every link you visit. It also shortens every link you view. Open any link from Reddit, then look at your address bar. Instead of the actual URL, you will see the shortened version. When shared, this short URL takes viewers to the comment page of the link on Reddit. To see the actual page's URL, click the link icon on the toolbar.


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Shortening Other URLs

While Reddit's URL shortener works well, it only works if you want to send users to the Reddit comment page; it doesn't shorten the URL of the article itself. However, there are many URL shortening websites that perform this function for any website you want. Websites such as, or TinyURL take any URL and turn it into a much shorter version that you can share anywhere (see Resources).


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