How to Get TV on Portable DVD Player

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Portable DVD players are similar to a laptop in design, with a flip-up screen and a DVD insert in the front of the device. Depending on the kind of DVD player you have, you may be able to receive television signals on it. Some players have a built-in tuner, while others require a few other devices connected to allow you to watch television over the DVD player.


Step 1

Check your DVD player to see if you have RCA connecting ports (red, yellow and white). You need these to connect a gaming system or other devices to it. If you do not have these ports you can not watch television on the player.

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Step 2

Connect a digital converter box (can be found at most electronic stores for around $40). Connect an RCA cable into the "Out" port of the box. Plug the other end of the cables into the DVD player.


Step 3

Connect the antenna into the converter box's "In" port. Most likely the antenna has a coaxial cable (single cable with a metal pin at the end).


Step 4

Plug the converter box into an outlet (as well as the antenna if it requires power) and turn them on. Switch the DVD player to "AUX" (or auxiliary). This reads the device connected to it via the RCA cable input.

Step 5

Flip through the channels using the converter box's remote control until you find a station that has reception.

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