How to Go to the Boot Menu

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Windows operating systems support a variety of boot options on the Windows Advanced Options Menu that allow you boot your computer based on your need. They support boot options such as Safe Mode, which is generally best for troubleshooting and virus removals; or the Safe Mode with Networking, which allows to use an Internet connection while troubleshooting system problems. Within seconds, you can access the boot menu and select the option that works well for the task you want to accomplish.


The Steps

Step 1

Shut down all currently running programs and restart your computer.

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Step 2

Press "F8" repeatedly before the Windows icon shows up on your screen. This will bring you to the "Windows Advance Options Menu."


Step 3

Scroll down and select the boot option you want. Press "Enter."You can select from "Safe Mode" "Safe Mode with Networking" or your regular booting option. Choose the boot option based on your need. For troubleshooting, it is advisable to select "Safe Mode" because only a certain amount of drivers and resources run allowing you to resolve issues.