How to Hook Up Harman/Kardon Speakers

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Harmon/Kardon speakers allow you to expand the audio capabilities of your computer by providing external speakers and subwoofers for your sound card. Because the speakers are designed to work for computers, the hook up process is straightforward and easily completed without any additional tools or software. Once the connection is made, you can immediately begin playing and listening to your audio through the speaker system.


Step 1

Place the speakers on either side of your computer. Plug the end of the cable from one speaker to the dual subwoofer cable connector and plug the other cable from the speaker into the open port on the dual cable connector.

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Step 2

Connect one end of the audio cable into the "Headphone" jack on your computer, often identified by a headphone icon.


Step 3

Insert the other end of the cable into the "Input" cable on the rear of your subwoofer. Plug the power adapter into a wall outlet and plug the power cable from the adapter into the port on the subwoofer.


Step 4

Press the power button on the subwoofer to complete the connections and play the audio through the Harmon/Kardon speakers.




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