How to Connect Speaker Wires to a Computer

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Connecting your speaker wires to your home computer can enhance your computing experience by allowing you to enjoy high-quality sound in games, movies and other media applications. Although the process might seem daunting, the only thing you will require to complete this task is a simple speaker wire to RCA adapter. Hooking it up will take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes.


Step 1

Purchase a speaker wire to RCA adapter from an online retailer like or from an electronics store. This is a small adapter that will fit on the end of your speaker wire, converting the signal into the RCA input that is accepted by your PC's sound card.

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Step 2

Connect the speaker wires to the dual output side of the adapter. Ensure that the wires are placed securely into the adapter or you may suffer from signal degradation (at best) or no signal at all (at worst). Test the speaker wire by attempting to pull it lightly out of the adapter--it will provide a small bit of resistance if it is secure.


Step 3

Plug the other side of the adapter into the left and right stereo channel audio ports on the back of your computer (which are normally colored green and black/blue). This audio port will either be on the top of the machine if you are using onboard sound or towards the bottom (if using a sound card), so search around. Ensure that the cable is placed firmly into the socket.


Step 4

Reboot the computer and you will hear the typical Windows start-up sounds coming from your speakers.



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