How to Improve Cricket Wireless Reception

By Steve Gregory

Bad Cricket wireless network reception will reduce the utility and effectiveness of a Cricket mobile phone. Cricket Wireless is a mobile phone service provider that offers customers month-to-month service without the need for a long-term contract or credit check. Customers that use Cricket as their wireless carrier must also use phones provided by Cricket. Increasing the wireless signal strength between your phone and Cricket will improve the wireless reception.

Step 1

Go to a better location. If you are in an area that receives poor Cricket network coverage, the reception on your phone will also be poor. Check the Cricket Coverage Map on the Cricket website to locate an area that offers better coverage (see Resources).

Step 2

Charge your Cricket mobile phone's battery. If the battery is low, there may not be enough power to sustain a strong network connection, resulting in weak reception.

Step 3

Move to a high, clear location. Buildings, houses and trees can interrupt the wireless signal reaching your mobile phone. The Cricket reception will improve if the signal has a clear path to your phone.

Step 4

Replace the antenna on the phone. If the phone's antenna is damaged in any way, it may affect the wireless reception.

Step 5

Turn off any electronics in your house that may affect the Cricket wireless signal. For example, radios and televisions may emit signals that interrupt the Cricket wireless network signal.