Why Won't My Phone Accept Incoming Calls?

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Signal problems might prevent your phone accepting incoming calls.
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You can use a phone for many tasks, but one of its primary functions is to make and receive calls. Several factors might interrupt your phone's ability to receive calls, which can be frustrating. This should, however, only be a temporary issue, and you can take certain steps to rectify the problem without having to consult the manufacturer.



If your phone isn't receiving incoming calls, this might be due to problems with the signal. You could be in an area with low signal levels, or your network provider might be having problems. Look at the signal bars on your phone's display and, if you can see few or no bars, try moving to a different location. In instances where you cannot find any signal, try calling your carrier from a different phone to check whether there are any technical faults with the service.


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Problems making and receiving calls might be caused by late bill payments. If you have missed one or more payments on your cellphone bill, your provider might cut off your cellphone until you settle the balance, leaving you unable to use the calling or texting feature in the meantime. To rectify this problem, you will need to contact your network's customer service team to either pay your bill in full or arrange a payment plan. Once you have done this, your carrier will reconnect your cellphone service.



A malfunction in the software installed on your phone, especially on a smartphone, can prevent your cellphone from accepting incoming calls. Try restarting your phone to fix the problem. You can also attempt to reset your network settings so they return to the default. If that doesn't work however, you might have to restore your cell to its factory settings. If possible, back up your phone before doing this; otherwise you will lose all personal data, including contacts, apps and, music.



If you are having problems receiving incoming calls on your landline phone, check the volume on the phone's ringer and make sure it is loud enough to hear. You might also want to try calling your landline number to check whether your calls are automatically being transferred to voicemail. If you are unable to solve the problem, try calling your landline service provider and ask them to check whether a fault exists on your line. If so, they will fix it remotely or send someone to your home.