How to Fix a Phone That Only Works on Speakerphone

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Having your phone stuck in speakerphone can be an extremely frustrating problem to have. Given the fact that many of our smartphone conversations occur in crowded areas or public spaces, the fact that your phone is stuck in a loud projection setting may completely impair ability to make calls outside of your home. In a situation where your phone only works on speaker, it can be easy to get overly frustrated and immediately make your way to a cellphone store for repair services. However, there may be ways to diagnose and fix this problem on your own without the assistance of a repair expert. Learning how to fix a phone that is stuck on speakerphone can actually be accomplished quite easily.


Diagnosing Speakerphone Problems

As a general "first step", you should always attempt to rule out any obvious scenarios that may be causing your problem. In this case, double check to make sure that your phone hasn't actually been set to speakerphone or some form of pre-configured setting which has speakerphone enabled. While this may seem overly simplistic, situations like this could easily be the source of your problem.

If speakerphone has not been enabled, your next step should be to turn off your phone, take off the back cover and remove the battery. Removing the battery acts as a sort of "reset" mechanism which helps remove any temporary configuration settings. Leave the battery out of your phone for at least a minute before putting it back in. If you have difficultly removing your phone's battery, consult with your manual or any online resource. Don't attempt to force the battery out, as this could damage your phone.


Turning Off iPhone or Android Speakerphone

If your iPhone only works on speakerphone, or if any other brand of smartphone is having similar problems, the steps mentioned above may help. If they don't resolve the issue, your next step should be to reset your phone to its original factory configuration. Always ensure that you have backed up any relevant data before doing so, however, as this information could be lost in the process. Each phone has its own method for initiating a backup, which can typically be accomplished with a few selections through standards menus.


When to Contact the Manufacturer

In the event that a factory reset does not fix your Android speakerphone issues or issues on similar smartphone hardware, it is in your best interest to call the manufacturer and see what repair or replacement options may be available to you. In a situation such as this, a replacement phone may be provided to you depending upon your current warranty status.