How to Stop Phone Tapping

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Take precautions to stop phone tapping on your phone.

Phone tapping is a serious issue. It invades the privacy of someone through his or her phone. It is frustrating to think someone can be listening in on your conversations, which should not happen if you have not authorized it. There are ways to stop phone tapping and get your privacy back by taking some precautions and purchasing software or products that can ensure your phone line is secure.


Step 1

Remove your cell phone battery when you are not using the cell phone. Removing the battery prevents anyone from making any connections to your phone.

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Step 2

Disable your cell phone's Bluetooth connection. This will prevent any signals being sent to or from your phone. If needed, contact your carrier for disabling instructions.

Step 3

Purchase a phone tap detector. This kind of device will alert you when your phone is being tapped.