How to Update a Cellphone

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Update a Verizon cellphone with a quick call.

Updating your Verizon cellphone can be done quickly and easily. Verizon Wireless updates its towers and cell service continuously, but that doesn't mean your phone automatically gets updated. Updating a Verizon cellphone can significantly improve cellular connections and roaming capabilities. You can experience fewer dropped calls, better service and more bars. Updating your cellphone will just take a quick call to an automated service number.


Step 1

Dial *228 on your cellphone and hit send. Listen for the automated voice prompts.

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Step 2

When prompted, press 2 to update your roaming capabilities. You'll see a message on your phone that says "Activate your phone" while the update takes place. It may take up to two minutes to fully update your phone. Your phone will beep once it is done updating.


Step 3

Your phone will display a message like "Phone is activated" after the process is finished. Hit "Next" on your phone to complete the process. It may take up to 15 minutes for the update to register with your phone.


Step 4

Turn off your phone and remove the battery. Reinstall the battery and restart your phone.




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