How to Improve DirecTV Pictures

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Losing your DirecTV picture can damper your viewing pleasure and cause frustration.

DirecTV is a satellite company offering premium television viewing through satellite feeds that communicate with your DirecTV receiver. Video quality is of utmost importance when dealing with any satellite company. When your picture is unstable or just plain blurry, there are a few steps you can take to correct the situation without requiring a costly service call. Whether a self-installation or purchase of a new television, your picture quality can be supported through DirecTV service.


Step 1

Turn off your television and your DirecTV HD receiver. Unplug your receiver for 15 seconds and then plug it back in. This will reset the signal between your receiver and satellite. Turn your receiver on along with your television, tuning to the channel you had the issue with.

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Step 2

Tighten any loose connections between your receiver and television. Sometimes cords can come loose, affecting your picture quality. Tighten any loose cables and check them for signs of wear and tear or other damage.


Step 3

Check the signal from your satellite to your receiver. Using your remote, press "Menu" then choose "Settings" or "Options." Select "Signal strength" to pull up the signal you are receiving. Strengths should read 70 or above on a clear day.

Step 4

Clear debris from your satellite dish. Leaves, snow, dirt and trash will affect your picture quality by blocking adequate signal strength. Keeping your dish clean will enhance the strength and help avoid further picture issues.


Step 5

Change your television settings to correspond with your receiver. For example, an HD receiver that supports 1080i requires a television setting of 1080i. Likewise, if your television puts out 1080i but your receiver does not support this quality, you may be required to upgrade your DirecTV receiver through customer service.