How to Increase Browser Download Speed

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When you first begin using a new computer to browse the Internet, your browser download speeds will be as fast as your processor will allow. However, over process of time, your browser can begin to slow down. Many factors can contribute to slow download speeds, and each has a fix you can perform to correct the problem.


Step 1

Delete the temporary Internet files, cookies, cache and history from your Internet browser. To accomplish this in Internet Explorer, click "Tools" on the menu bar and select "Internet options." For FireFox, click "Tools," on the menu bar. Select "Options." Click on the "Privacy" tab.


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Step 2

Check if you are running the latest version of your browser by visiting the browser's official website. For Internet Explorer visit For Firefox visit Both websites contain free upgrades to the latest browser updates.

Step 3

Use DSL filters on your telephone lines if you have a DSL connection. The filters will reduce line noise that can contribute to slow download speeds.


Step 4

Use a shorter telephone cable and Cat5 Ethernet cable whenever possible. Shorter cables equate to a shorter distance for electronic data to travel. The longer the cable, the longer the travel time, which means slower browsing speeds.

Step 5

Perform a disk defragmentation on a regular basis. To perform a system defrag, click on your Windows "Start" button and perform a file search for "Defrag." You can also perform a defrag by opening your MS-DOS prompt and typing "defrag" at the prompt, followed by pressing "Enter" on your keyboard.



Step 6

Check your computer system to see if it is infected with spyware. If your computer is infected, it will greatly reduce your browser download speeds. Most anti-virus programs such as Norton and McAfee will block your computer from such infections. However, if you don not have an anti-virus program on your computer, you can use websites such as to detect infections. The detections are free. However, to remove the infection you will have to purchase the product.



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