How to Insert a Square Root in Excel

By Steve McDonnell

You can use the SQRT formula that's built in to Excel to insert the square root calculation in an Excel formula.

Excel has a built-in function, SQRT, that takes the square root of a number. Use the function selector to locate it in the Math & Trig section, and select it to include the calculation in your workbook.

Step 1

Launch Excel. Select a workbook you want to use to insert the square root. You can choose from your recent files, the templates displayed on the screen or other workbooks you have saved on your computer or your OneDrive.

Step 2

Put a label in the first cell of a new column that will store the square root values, for example, type Square Root in cell B1 and select Boldface type from the toolbar.

Format Headers

Step 3

Click or tap in the first cell below the label. Choose fx from the formula bar, select Math & Trig in the Category selection box, scroll and select SQRT and then choose OK.

SQRT Function

Step 4

Type the cell identifier that contains the value for the square root calculation, for example, A2, in the Number field in the Function Arguments box. Alternatively, you can tap or click the cell and Excel puts the cell identifier in the Number field for you. The system also inserts the formula in the formula cell and displays a preview of the result of the square root calculation in the Function Arguments box. Choose OK when done.

Choose Calculated Cell

Step 5

Choose Number from the formatting options on the ribbon bar to format the square root value.

Format Number

Step 6

Click in the first formula cell, grab the bottom right corner with your mouse and drag it down the workbook to copy the formula to the other cells in the column.

Copy Formula

Step 7

Review the results and then click the Disk icon to save your workbook.