How to Insert Text Into a Word Document

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The insertion point flashes to let you know where the text will be inserted in Word.

When you insert text into a Word document, the insertion point flashes to let you know where the text will be inserted. If the Overtype mode is on, you will replace the text you type over as you type in your new text. If the Insert mode is on, the new text will be added to the existing one. You can use the left, right, up and down arrows on your keyboard to maneuver through your page. You can also copy text from other parts of your document or different applications, and then insert them into Word to save time.


Step 1

Change the way text is inserted by selecting the Office Button and clicking on "Word Options." Choose "Advanced" in the "Word Options" window. Then check "Use the Insert key to control overtype mode" and click "OK."

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Step 2

Find and highlight the text you want to insert. If the text is in another document or application, select it from there. Then right-click over the text and select "Copy."


Step 3

Go to the Word document where the text will be inserted and place the insertion point where you want the text added. Then right-click and select "Paste." The text will be inserted into that area of your document.


Step 4

Insert any text into your document by placing the insertion point where you want it added. Then begin typing your text. To replace existing text with the new text, press the "Insert" or "Ins" key on your keyboard. The Overtype mode will turn on. To keep the old text intact, press the "Insert" key again. The Insert mode will turn on.




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