How to Install a Philips Antenna on a Flat-Screen TV

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Even with the advanced technology of HDTV, your flat-panel television will still need an antenna to access digital signals if you do not have cable or satellite tv service. With the upcoming conversion in early 2009 to exclusively digital signal for all television programming, you need to purchase a model that is optimized for digital reception and HDTV. Certain models of Philips antennas include different levels of amplification, which can be useful for cable subscribers who need to boost weakening reception caused by splitting the cable connection between multiple televisions. Here you will learn how to correctly install a Philips antenna to your flat-panel television.


Step 1

While Philips offers several antenna models, each unit includes three basic accessories. Packaging lists the included accessories, so make certain that you have these items: 1. 6 ft Coaxial Cable with "F" connectors 2. 75-300 ohm transformer 3. AC power adapter

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Step 2

Unplug your flat-panel TV, and do not plug in the AC power adapter for the antenna until all other connections are complete.


Step 3

The first step is to connect the coaxial cable(s). In addition to the antenna's cable, if you have cable or satellite services, there will also be a cable from that service to attach. The coaxial cable for the antenna attaches to the connector labeled "To TV" on the back of the antenna base. Coaxial cables for cable or satellite connect to the input marked "To Cable" on the antenna base.


Step 4

Depending on your television's connector type, you will then do one of two things: 1. If the connection on the back of the TV is like the connection on the antenna, simply attach by screwing on the other end of the cable. 2. If the connection requires a 300-ohm twin lead cable, then you will need to utilize the matching transformer that was included with the antenna packaging. Simply connect the threaded end of the transformer to the coaxial cable. Then, with a Phillips-head screwdriver, slightly loosen the two screws on the antenna connection area. Take the two-pronged end of the transformer, and insert one prong beneath each screw. Hold in place, and tighten the screws. A slight tug on the cable should NOT loosen this connection.



Step 5

Attach the AC power adapter to base of antenna. The connection sits between the two coaxial cable connections on the back of the antenna. When all cables have been connected and power adapter is attached to antenna, then plug in the television and the AC power adapter for the antenna.

Step 6

In order for your antenna to function properly, you will need to adjust your television's settings. If you're not sure how to access this menu, consult your user manual. On the front of the antenna base, you'll use the slider switch to choose between Antenna and Cable, depending on your needs.


Step 7

Once installation is complete, you can adjust the dipoles manually, and change gain strength by utilizing the buttons on the front of the antenna base to obtain the best picture possible.




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