How to Install a POS System

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POS systems work well for all types of retail stores.

A point-of-sale (POS) system is used for processing transactions in retail sales, by scanning items when customers purchase goods. It works through a computer software program that tracks sales, inventory quantities and pricing information. Installing a POS system varies in nature by the manufacturer, but is relatively simple. POS systems are beneficial for companies because they track all inventory information and are extremely accurate. All POS system manufacturers have different requirements and setup features, which are always detailed in the system instructions.


Step 1

Install the POS software. Each company's software comes with instructions on proper installation. The POS software is installed on the POS server. While it is being installed, the system will configure databases. Depending on the software and the system, the process may take about one hour to complete.


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Step 2

Attach the POS workstation to the server by connecting all system computers to each other and connecting to a local Internet service.

Step 3

Install software. After the server is connected to all workstations, the POS software must be downloaded to all computers using the system. The POS software you are using provides directions about correct installation.


Step 4

Connect POS scanners and other devices. POS systems come with many options. Almost all POS systems depend on the use of a scanner. For each workstation, a scanner is connected that reads bar codes. Hand-held terminal devices are installed according to the manufacturer's instructions, using cables supplied with the system.



Step 5

Input merchandise data. You need you load database tables with inventory items sold by your business. Inventory descriptions, prices and quantities are loaded into the system, based on the software instructions.

Step 6

Perform a test run by scanning an item loaded into the system. If the system recognizes the item, and shows the description and price, the system has been set up properly and is complete.

Things You'll Need

  • POS software

  • POS server

  • POS workstation



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