How to Install Java Without Admin Privileges

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No need for an Admin to install Java

If you do not have Admin Privileges on your work computer and you've tried to install Java so that you can try some Java Programming, you don't have to go to your Administrator for help. If you've tried installing Java the "normal" way--by double-clicking a JRE installer file--you know that Admin Privileges are required. However, all Java needs to run is to know where certain files are located on the computer. This means that if you install the necessary Java files to a USB drive at home, you can bring in the USB drive and use Java without ever getting your Administrator involved.


Step 1

Insert your portable USB drive into your home computer's USB slot.

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Step 2

On your home computer, navigate to the "Download Java JDK" link in the resources section.

Step 3

Click the red "Download" button. When asked to log-in, click "Skip this step." Click "Save file" to download the file to your computer.


Step 4

Double-click the ".exe" file you downloaded to begin the installation wizard for Java SE 6. Click "Accept" to the License Agreement.

Step 5

On the Custom Setup page, click the small hard-drive buttons next to "Source Code," "Public JRE," and "Java DB" and for each select "Don't install this feature now."


Step 6

Click the "Change..." button on the bottom right corner, then from the drop down menu, under "Look in:" select your portable USB drive. Click "Create New Folder" button in the in the top right corner (the folder icon), and name the new folder "JDK". Select the JDK folder and click "OK."


Step 7

Click "Next" and wait while Java installs.


Step 8

Open Notepad by going to "Start," "Programs," "Accessories" "Notepad."

Step 9

In Notepad, copy-paste the following two-line batch script: set Path=%~d0\JDK\bin;%PATH% cmd


Step 10

Click "File," "Save as," navigate to your USB drive root directory, and type "RunMeForJava.bat" as the name of your file and click "Save."

Step 11

Insert your USB drive into the computer where you do not have Administrator privileges and double-click the ".bat" file in your USB root directory. A Command Prompt window will open. Type "javac" (without the quotes) to see that Java works and is fully installed.

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