How to Install Plugins in Internet Explorer

By Shea Laverty

Installing add-ons expands Internet Explorer's functionality by adding new features and tools. There are two ways to install add-ons: through prompts on sites requiring specific add-ons and through the official Microsoft add-on site, Internet Explorer Gallery. Add-on management, however, only begins at installation. To properly manage your add-ons, also learn how to they are disabled and removed.

Installing Add-Ons

When you visit a website that requires a specific add-on that you lack, IE pops up with a prompt asking if you want to install the add-on. If you trust the add-on, click **Add**. To install add-ons from the Internet Explorer Gallery, go to the [IE Gallery]( website and click **Add-Ons**, then click the desired add-on from the list. Click **Add to Internet Explorer** to bring up the installation prompt and click **Add**.

Disabling and Removing Add-Ons

Some add-ons are more annoying than useful, especially if they were accidentally installed while installing a different program to your computer. Rid your IE experience of these add-ons by disabling or removing them in the **Manage Add-Ons** menu.To disable an add-on, click the gear-shaped **Tools** button in the top-right corner of the browser, followed by **Manage add-ons**. Click the **Show** drop-down menu and select **All add-ons**. Select the desired add-on from the list and click **Disable**, followed by **Close**. This add-on will remain disabled until you enable it again.To remove an add-on, select **Remove** instead of **Disable**. Some add-ons are pre-installed and can't be removed, so this option may not always appear.The Manage Add-ons dialogue also includes a link to the IE Gallery when you click **Find more toolbars and extensions**.

Using Add-Ons in Enhanced Protected Mode

Enhanced Protected Mode is a security-enhanced mode for Internet Explorer. When enabled, only EPM compatible add-ons work; incompatible add-ons are blocked. In these cases, look for an EPM-compatible alternative.To activate or disable EPM, click the gear-shaped **Tools** icon, followed by **Internet Options.** Go to the **Advanced** tab and select **Enable Enhanced Protected Mode** or deselect to disable. Click **OK** when finished and restart your computer to activate the changes.

Understanding Add-On Risks

While add-ons provide useful functions, like additional search tools and site or content-specific features, there are some risks involved in their use. Some add-ons require access to your browser's data or keep track of your online activities to function. Others may be extremely demanding on resources, which can limit your computer's performance.