How to Install Polk Audio Speakers

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For the best sound, hook up Polk Audio systems with quality speaker wire.

Polk Audio manufactures a variety of speaker systems for home theaters, including floor models, bookshelf speakers and rear surround sound speakers. All Polk models are equipped with a pair of terminals for the positive and negative wire connections, which hook up the same way on every system. Installation takes only a few minutes by matching the wires to the color-coded spring clips on the back of each speaker and to a home theater amplifier or receiver.


Step 1

Place the Polk speakers in the desired location within the room. Space permitting, the stereo signal will sound better if the speakers are at least 10 feet apart.

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Step 2

Cut a length of speaker wire long enough to hook up from each Polk speaker to the amplifier or receiver, then remove one-half inch of insulation from the two wires on each end of the cord with wire strippers.


Step 3

Attach the two wires on one end of a speaker cord to the back of the Polk speaker by lifting the two spring clips on the speaker's back panel to open holes for inserting each wire. Push the red wire into the hole beneath the red clip on the Polk. The other wire goes in the hole below the black clip. Secure the connection by letting go of each spring clip.



Step 4

Connect the two wires on the opposite end of the speaker cord to the matching terminals labeled for that specific speaker on the back of the receiver or amplifier. The red wire hooks up to the positive (red) terminal and the other wire hooks up to the negative (black) terminal.

Step 5

Hook up additional Polk speakers in the same manner, connecting the wires to the amplifier or receiver terminals that are labeled for each channel. For example, the center speaker in a home theater system connects to the terminals labeled "Center Channel."



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