How to Install the Latest Version of ISScript.msi

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You can download and install the latest version of ISScript.msi.
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ISScript.msi is an install script file which is used to activate the installation of any isscript-based program. On occasion, the ISScript.msi file can be accidentally deleted (this is most typical when the program is downloaded). If this happens, the program that uses the file will not install properly, which makes it essential to download an-up-to-date version of ISScript.msi.


Step 1

Download the ISScript.msi file from the Install Engine website.

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Step 2

Select "Save File" when asked what the computer should do with the file. The ISScript.msi file will begin to download.


Step 3

Drag ISScript.msi into the folder or program where you need it. The folder location will depend on the program you are using. If you get a message that a file by the same name currently exists, click "Overwrite." This will place the new file over the original file.




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