How to Keep a Sticky Note Docked on Top of Other Windows

The Stickies application on your Windows PC or Macintosh computer acts as virtual notes that remain on your monitor's screen to remind you of important information, and moves to the background of your desktop while other application windows are open. The notes can be configured to remain at the forefront by changing your note's preferences. The Sticky Notes application settings for Windows PCs are configurable if using Windows Vista, as the program's settings were removed in Windows 7.

Mac Stickies

Step 1

Click "Stickies" on your Mac's desktop dock, or click "Applications" from the desktop's Go menu and double-click "Stickies."

Step 2

Click the sticky note you want to keep on top of all applications. Press and release "Command," "Option" and "F" on your keyboard to keep the note on top, or click the Note menu at the top of the application's window.

Step 3

Click "Floating Window" on the pull-down menu to keep the sticky note on top of all windows. Once clicked, a checkbox appears next to "Floating Window" in the Note menu.

Step 4

Click "System Preferences" on the desktop's dock and click "Spaces & Expose."

Step 5

Click the Spaces tab and click "+" to add an application assignment.

Step 6

Click "Stickies" as the application, and click "All Windows" from the drop-down menu in the Space column. Adjustment to this setting ensures that the Stickies remain at the front of your windows regardless of which space you're using.

Windows Vista Sticky Notes

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" icon on the desktop and click "All Programs." Click "Accessories" and click "Sticky Notes" to launch the program.

Step 2

Click "Tools" at the top of the Sticky Notes window, and click "Options."

Step 3

Click "Always on Top" to keep the sticky notes on top of all other open windows.