How to Keep Earbuds From Falling Out

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Long gone are the days of big, clunky headphones because earbuds have changed the way we wear headphones. These snug-fitting, light headphones fit right in the ear canal, channeling music directly in your ear. They block external noise and typically don't interfere with hats, earrings, glasses or your hair. If earbuds may come out of your ear if they don't fit properly while you are engage in activities like running. To keep earbuds from falling out, try different sizes, purchase accessories or wear items that might force the earbud to stay in your ear.


Step 1

Insert your earbuds properly. Pull the top of one of your ears up with your fingers to open up your ear's opening. While holding the ear up, place the earbud securely in your ear and release the ear. Repeat with the other side.


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Step 2

Remove the earbud cover and replace it with a larger cover. Some manufacturers provide a few different cover sizes when you purchase your earbuds.


Step 3

Place a headband or tight hat over your ears to keep your earbuds in.


Step 4

Place the earbud marked "L" in your left ear and the earbud marked "R" in your right ear, if those letters appear on your earbuds.


Step 5

Purchase an accessory that attaches to the earbud and fits over and behind your ear to keep your earbuds in. Other accessories include ear-shaped covers that fit over the earbud to fit more tightly in the ear and custom-fit covers based on a photo of your ear. Buy online or at sports and electronic retailers.