How to Know If a Laptop Has GPS Tracking

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Laptops are popular and expensive electronics. Knowing how to find GPS tracking software on your computer can help you recover your laptop if it is stolen or lost, but GPS tracking helps only if the computer is running. Finding GPS software on your computer isn't difficult, and it can be done in several minutes by doing a quick search on your computer.


Things You'll Need

  • Personal computer

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Step 1

Locate the "Start" button in the bottom left-hand corner of the computer screen.


Step 2

Open the "Start" menu, and at the very bottom of the screen below "All programs" you will see a "Start Search" dialog box if you have Windows Vista. If you have Windows XP, choose all programs and then click the "Run" button to open a search box.

Step 3

Type "msconfig" in the search dialog box and press "Enter" on the keyboard or click the magnifying glass button located to the right of the dialog box. If you are prompted with a dialog box asking you to continue, press "Continue." A program will open in a small box.



Step 4

Locate the "Startup" tab at the top of the box and click the tab. Selecting this tab will show all of the programs that start when your computer is turned on and loads.

Step 5

Browse through the list of start-up programs and look for programs such as: GadgetTrak and Computance; these are popular GPS programs. If you see a program you do not recognize, visit a popular search engine and type in the program and you will be given a list of results as to what the program is. If you do not have a GPS tracking system on your computer, consider the free system at



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