How to Know if You Have a Facebook Virus

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If you receive a virus through your Facebook account, the signs will be evident. Like any computer virus, a virus contracted through your Facebook account will cause your computer to behave oddly and -- in some cases -- it may crash altogether. Always protect yourself with anti-virus software and be cautious of suspicious messages sent to your account.


Warning Signs

If your computer has a Facebook virus, you will notice a drastic slowdown in your computer's performance, including how fast you can navigate through your Facebook page. If your Facebook page starts responding slowly, or not at all, a virus may be to blame. If your Facebook page freezes on a frequent basis, or if your computer crashes often, a virus is more than likely the reason why. After your computer crashes, it may start again automatically within a few minutes. Although Macs are not 100 percent secure against viruses, you are more likely to obtain a virus from Facebook if you are using a PC.


Video of the Day

If you receive a message in your Facebook account telling you to check out a funny video that involves you doing something you do not remember doing from an unrecognizable source, be wary. This is typically an attempt to unleash a virus through your Facebook account. The message will contain a link to the "video." Once you click on the link, you will be asked to update your Flash player to see it. If you do so, you will release the virus. This is known as the "Koobface" virus.


Desktop Sounds

Once a virus has infected your Facebook page, your desktop will look different. For example, icons may appear for applications or programs you did not install. Other icons from programs you had may vanish. If you are using a Mac, your toolbar will change. Icons will vanish or appear. Programs may vanish and appear as well, not just the icons representing them. Always pay close attention to the icons on your desktop -- and try to organize them in an easy-to-remember manner -- to make sure changes have not occurred. If you have speakers connected to your computer, odd sounds or music may begin to play.



To prevent viruses from infecting your Facebook account, install anti-virus software onto your computer. Make sure to install the latest version and always upgrade it whenever possible. Keep in mind that some computer malfunctions may have nothing to do with a virus at all. Older computers -- or computers with hardware or software problems -- may show signs or symptoms that seem virus related. For example, if your computer is running slowly, it may be due to lack of hard drive space or overheating, not necessarily a virus.


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