How to Know If Your Computer Will Play Blu-ray DVDs

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Blu-ray discs play in 1080p resolution, which is significantly better than the maximum resolution standard DVDs can play in. Unfortunately, the only way you can use Blu-ray discs is by inserting them into a Blu-ray player. If you have a newer computer, you may have a Blu-ray player. Older computers, especially those dating back to 2009 and prior, generally do not come with Blu-ray players. You can check to see if your computer has a Blu-ray player by looking at the computer itself or by accessing system information.


Step 1

Look on the front of your computer. If you have a laptop, open the top to reveal the keyboard. You should see a label with your computer's specifications. Almost all computers that have a Blu-ray player will say so on the label.

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Step 2

Examine the face of your computer's disk drives. Just as DVD and CD-ROM drives are labeled as such, Blu-ray drive players will include "Blu-ray" on the front of the drive. Look closely, as the drive's label can be difficult to read if it's nearly the same color as the face of the drive.


Step 3

Open the "Start" menu and enter "System Information" in the "Search" field. Press "Enter." Once the "System Information" window appears and loads, click the "+" icon next to "Components." Click "CD-ROM." The information on the right side will take a minute or so to load. After it does, look under each drive for "Media Type." If you have a Blu-ray player, the media type for one drive should read "Blu-ray."





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