How to Know When a Pen Camera Is Fully Charged or Charging

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Pen cameras are meant to fit in with your other office supplies.
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A pen camera is a handy surveillance tool, but only if the battery is fully charged and ready to go. Properly maintaining your pen camera's battery and ensuring the device is at its maximum charge level will ensure that you're able to get the most out of its recording abilities and that the device operates effectively for as long as possible. Every pen camera is a little different, but charging scenarios are similar between devices.

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First-Time Charging

Depending on the make and model of your pen camera, your instructions may indicate the need for a lengthy first-time charge. The Sherlock Hones Spy Pen, for example, recommends a four-hour charge upon first receiving the device. If your pen does not include specific first-time charging instructions, allowing the device to charge fully before using it for the first time is a good rule of thumb for ensuring maximum battery performance.

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LED Indicator Lights

Most pen cameras include an LED indicator that alerts you to the device's battery status. A steady, solid light is a shared indicator of a full battery among many camera models. Brookstone's Video Spy Pen uses a blue light, SuperSaverCA's DVR-Spy Pen uses a red light and Gadgets and Gear's Spy Pen uses an orange light. A blinking light is usually a sign that the device is currently charging, but this depends on the specific device.

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Methods for Charging

Pen cameras offer several charging options depending on make and model. The indicators for battery charge level are consistent regardless of the method used to charge. Some pens allow for a direct USB connection, some include a USB adapter, and some can be connected directly to a wall outlet. Your pen camera's instruction book will inform you as to which method is recommended for your device; USB connections are the most convenient, as they allow for simultaneous charging and transfer of data.

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Battery Maintenance

It's important to keep your battery in top working condition if you want to ensure your device performs to its maximum potential. Never charge the battery in extreme temperatures (cold or hot), try to run the battery all the way down before recharging, and pay close attention to instructions from your pen camera's manufacturer regarding overcharging. Battery damage or improper charging techniques could lessen the life of your device.