How to Log in to a Network Switch

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Cisco Switch

When you identify the various network switches on a network, you eventually need to gain access to those switches to verify various network settings as well as alter and/or test various network settings. Properly logging in to a network switch, using correct credentials, will allow you to view the switch configuration and, potentially, modify the switch configuration.


Step 1

Go to the DOS command prompt: Click "Start," then click "Run" (for Vista, just click "Start"), type "cmd" into the window that displays and then press "Enter."

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Step 2

Telnet to the IP address of the switch to which you want to connect: type "telnet switch-ip-address" (where "switch-ip-address" is the ip address of your switch); and then press "Enter."


Step 3

Enter the username setup for your use on the switch at the "Username:" prompt; and then press "Enter."

Step 4

Switch Login Example

Enter the password corresponding to your switch user account at the "Password:" prompt; and then press "Enter."





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