How to Use One Monitor with a Laptop and a Desktop

How to Use One Monitor with a Laptop and a Desktop. If you own a laptop and a desktop computer, you can connect both computers to the same monitor using a KVM switch. Using one monitor will allow you to avoid investing in a second monitor and enable you to view your laptop's display on a larger screen. Here is how to use one monitor with both a laptop and a desktop.

Step 1

Understand the function of a KVM switch. A KVM switch is short for Keyboard, Video, Mouse switch. Its function is to connect a keyboard, monitor or a mouse to more than one computer.

Step 2

Buy a KVM sharing switch. Ensure that it has at least two ports to connect to the laptop and desktop. You need a KVM switch with a PS/2 connector to attach the monitor.

Step 3

Connect the monitor to the sharing switch.

Step 4

Connect the base of the sharing switch to both the laptop and the desktop PC. This base is also connected to a small remote controller, which stays on the desktop.

Step 5

Switch between the two computers by pressing a button on the remote controller.

Things You'll Need

  • KVM switch

  • Desktop computer

  • Laptop computer


Share the same speakers, keyboard and mouse with your desktop PC and laptop using some KVM switches.