How to Log Into a DSL Modem

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There are several different methods of connecting to the Internet, one of the most popular being DSL connection. DSL obtains an Internet signal via an Ethernet cable that runs from the DSL modem into either an Ethernet jack or phone line jack which has an adapter. In order to use the DSL connection, you need a DSL modem. All modems have their own specific settings options, and if you need to change the options of your specific modem you can do so once logged into it over the Internet.


Step 1

Look on the bottom or back of the DSL modem for the http address listed, followed by a series of numbers. This is the DSL modem's IP (Internet Protocol) address.

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Step 2

Launch the Internet browser on the computer. You need to have the DSL modem connected and powered on to log into the DSL modem.


Step 3

Type the http address in the search bar and press "Enter." In a moment the DSL modem information appears on the page.

Step 4

Type in your username and password if required. Typically the default setting is "admin" for both.



Step 5

Edit any of the options for the DSL modem you want to change. These options include the password, how many computers are using the DSL and if you are using it with another DSL modem, among others settings.