How to Log on to a Computer If You Forgot Your Password

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Forgetting your password for your computer can be extremely difficult and frustrating. The official solution to getting into your computer if you forgot your password is to use a password recovery CD, which--unfortunately--you have to create when you are logged in to your computer. If you have not created a password recovery CD for your computer, then your only other option is to use a boot CD to reset the password. While this process isn't very difficult, it does require that you have at least a basic knowledge of computers and the Internet.


Step 1

Download a boot CD from the Internet that contains a password-reset program. This boot CD will come in a single ISO file that can be burned to a blank CD-R. The password-reset program on the CD will be able to remove or reset the password on your user account, enabling you to get back into your computer. Examples of two types of free boot CDs are included in the Resources section below.


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Step 2

Burn the ISO file to a blank CD using your CD burner. It's best to do this on a low-speed setting so that there are no errors while burning the disc.

Step 3

Restart your computer and choose the startup option to boot from a CD. This option will usually be accessed by pressing a "Function" key, such as "F12." Look at the screen when you first start up the computer to determine which key to press to access the startup options.


Step 4

Choose the option to access the password-reset utility once you have booted into the boot CD. The utility will launch and will take you through a guided series of steps that will differ slightly depending on what type of boot CD you use. Follow the process through, reading and following the directions carefully, and reset or remove the password for your user account. Save the settings, exit the program and restart your computer.


Step 5

Attempt to log in to your account. If you reset the password, enter the new password at the login screen. If you removed the password, you will not need to enter a password at the login screen.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access

  • Blank CD-R

  • CD-burning software


Once you are back into your computer, you should make a password-recovery CD so that if you ever forget your password you will be able to recover it more easily.