How to Log on to Outlook Web Access

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Log on to Outlook Web Access using the credentials provided by your IT staff.

Outlook Web Access lets you check your Outlook email online at any time. Outlook Web Access looks like and shares some features with Microsoft Outlook. They differ because Outlook Web Access is accessed online while Microsoft Outlook is downloaded and used on a computer. Outlook Web Access can be accessed any time as long as you have an Internet connection and proper log in credentials.


Step 1

Contact your IT department and get your Outlook Web Access site and login credentials. Your IT department can let you know the limit of inactivity allowed before Outlook Web Access will log you out. Once you have this information you can successfully log in to Outlook Web Access.

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Step 2

Access the Outlook Web Access log in page. Specify if you are using a private or public computer in the "Security" section. Check the option for "Outlook Web Access Light" if you want simple email interface.

Step 3

Enter your user name and password. Click "Logon" to log in to Outlook Web Access.