How to Log Onto a Megabus WiFi

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When you travel a long distance on a Megabus, particularly when it is moving through rural areas where cellphone reception is spotty, a wireless internet connection makes the trip more pleasant and potentially more productive. Whether you're responding to emails, checking sports scores or updating friends on your trip over social media, Wi-Fi access makes a long ride feel significantly shorter. Megabus offers on-vehicle Wi-Fi service that makes it easy to connect and surf the web.


Does Megabus Offer Wi-Fi?

The vast majority of Megabus transit vehicles offer Wi-Fi for passengers. Presently, these connections maintain a minimum of 3G speeds, and passengers can connect to the network through nearly any wireless-enabled device. Smart phones, tablets, and laptops can all use Megabus Wi-Fi without much hassle. Not all Megabus vehicles have working Wi-Fi, however. Depending on the travel route and whether the router on the bus needs to be serviced, an internet connection may or may not be available. When the bus stops and the engine turns off, Wi-Fi services are usually unavailable.


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Accessing Megabus Wi-Fi

To access the Megabus internet, connect to the "megabus" Wi-Fi network after you've found your seat on the bus. On laptops, if you are not immediately prompted to connect, open an internet browser and navigate to to accept the terms and conditions of using the bus Wi-Fi and complete the connection process. On smart phones and tablets, you also connect to the "megabus" Wi-Fi network, but you must tap the network sign-in notification to accept the terms and conditions. Depending on the bus, you may be prompted to download the "Megabus RIDE" app in order to complete your connection, but this may not be necessary.


Megabus Internet Troubles

After you connect to the Megabus Wi-Fi, you are able to browse the internet. The connection on the bus may not be perfect, and the network is configured to account for a weak signal. Streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu may be slow, and you may not be able to use YouTube or similar video sites. This is intentional, to ensure that all the passengers on the bus have access to the relatively small amount of bandwidth available on the bus. Connections have also been known to cut out temporarily when you enter the Megabus bathroom. For these reasons, it is advised not to rely on your bus always having consistent Wi-Fi and plan ahead.