How to Log Onto a Megabus WiFi

By Tammy Clevenger

Megabus Wi-Fi is the free wireless Internet service offered aboard buses. Logging on to the Megabus Wi-Fi network is simple. However, does maintain a disclaimer on their website that Wi-Fi service is not always available and may not be available on all vehicles. Also, no refunds are provided if Wi-Fi is not available on a particular bus. If the Wi-Fi network is functioning, connect using the Wi-Fi connectivity features in Windows.

Step 1

Turn on the laptop's wireless adapter. For example, a switch on the case of the laptop may control the wireless adapter, or you may need to enable the adapter in the Windows 7 Mobility Center. To open the Mobility Center, click "Start," then click the "Control Panel" option. Click "Mobile PC," then click "Windows Mobility Center." The Mobility Center interface opens. Click the "Turn Wireless On" button. The wireless adapter is now enabled.

Step 2

Click the "Wireless Networks" icon in the Windows taskbar. A list of available networks opens.

Step 3

Click on the "Megabus" entry, and click "Connect" to connect to the Megabus wireless network. If there is no Megabus entry in the list, wireless may not be available on the bus at that time. A message will appear when you are connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Step 4

Open a Web browser. The Megabus network access page opens. Click the "Login" button. You are now fully connected to the Megabus Wi-Fi network. Check your email, browse the Internet and enjoy your trip!