How to Loop a PowerPoint Slideshow

By Aaron Parson

Turn on continuous looping in PowerPoint to run your presentation indefinitely, or create a custom show with one loop.

Whether you're running a PowerPoint 2013 presentation by hand or playing back a slideshow with recorded timings, set the show to loop continuously to restart it automatically every time it ends. To loop a slideshow once rather than indefinitely, create a custom slide show instead.

Loop Continuously

Step 1

Open the Slide Show tab and click Set Up Slide Show.


Set Up Slide Show options only apply to the current PowerPoint file.

Step 2

Check Loop Continuously Until 'Esc' and click OK. When you run the show, the presentation jumps back to the first slide rather than ending after the last slide. To end the show at any point, press Esc.

Turn on looping in the show setup.


  • When looping a slideshow with recorded timings, remember to include a pause after the last slide comes up in order to prevent the show from starting over too quickly.
  • To use timings, make sure Using Timings, if Present is selected in the show options.

Loop Once

PowerPoint's custom show feature provides a way to create a show out of any of the presentation's slides, placed in any order. By choosing all of the slides and then repeating the same slides, you effectively create a one-time loop.


When using this method, do not turn on Loop Continuously Until 'Esc.'

Step 1

Open the Slide Show tab, click Custom Slide Show and choose Custom Shows.

PowerPoint supports multiple custom shows per file.

Step 2

Click New to build a custom show.

Create a new custom show.

Step 3

Check the boxes by each of the slides in the presentation and press Add to add them to the custom show. Check each of the boxes a second time and press Add again to add the second loop of slides to the show. Click OK when finished, and then click Close on the Custom Shows window.

Optionally, name the custom show.


  • For additional loops, check off and add the slides as many times as needed.
  • To exclude a title card from subsequent loops, only check the first slide the first time around.

Step 4

Click Custom Slide Show and choose your custom show to play it. Playing the presentation normally — by using the From Beginning button or selecting F5 — won't include the custom show's extra loop.

Play the custom show.