How to Make a Backup Copy of Software

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There may be times when all you may need to do is to reinstall a software program. When this happens, having a backup copy is much more convenient than relying on a total system restore. Hours are saved, frustration is curbed and getting back on track and up and running in record time are among the real benefits of keeping separate duplications of your software handy. Learn how to make a backup copy of your valued software so you'll always be ready to reinstall it in an emergency situation.


Step 1

Access the "Control Panel" from the Start menu.

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Step 2

Select the "Performance and Maintenance" category.

Step 3

Select "Back Up Your Data" from the Task menu.


Step 4

Use the "Back and Restore Wizard" option and then click "Next."


Step 5

Select "Back Up Files and Settings."

Step 6

Select the option "Let Me Choose What to Back Up" and then click "Next."


Step 7

Select the software you would like to back up. Typically, it is located in a similar location: "My Computer, C: Program Files." Note: Check the box next to the software you would like to back up.

Step 8

Click on "Finish" to begin the backup process. When finished, click "Close" to exit.


If you are making copies of different types of software at the same time, know the volume sizes of all the software involved before copying, due to internal DVD or external drive size capacity limitations.


Avoid stifled productivity during business hours by scheduling backups during downtime.