How to Make a Check-in Location on Facebook

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Share your visits to locations with friends by creating check-in places on Facebook.

The Facebook Mobile application for smartphones and mobile devices includes the Facebook Places feature that allows users to "check-in" to a specific location. Facebook Places uses map, satellite navigation and cell phone network location technology to track user locations. Once you have checked in to a location, Facebook posts this information to your profile page and News Feed. The application also prompts you to tag the Facebook friends who are with you and find other Facebook users at the same place. If you cannot find the correct check-in location from the list of available places nearby when you log in to the application, make your own Facebook Places check-in location.


Step 1

Launch the Facebook Mobile application on your smartphone or mobile device.

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Step 2

Tap "Places" on the menu screen.

Step 3

Tap the "Check In" button on the menu bar at the top of the screen. This launches the "Nearby" screen with a list of local places to which you can check-in.


Step 4

Tap the "Find or Add a Place" input field at the top of the screen.

Step 5

Type a name for the new place into the field. Click the "Add" link at the bottom of the page.



Step 6

Enter a description for the new check-in location into the "Description" input field. This step is optional, so skip it if you do not want to include a description.

Step 7

Click the "Add" button in the main menu. This adds the new check-in location to Facebook Places. Click the "Check In" button to share your visit with friends.

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