How to Make a Corrupt Word File

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When a program file has become corrupt, it can no longer be opened by its particular program. This holds true for files created in Microsoft Word. To become corrupt, the file needs to become damaged in some way. This may be from saving the file incorrectly or by having the wrong file extension on the document. Whatever your reason is behind creating a corrupt word file, it is completely possible to do.


Step 1

Navigate to the word files location on your computer. This varies to where the file is saved.

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Step 2

Right-click the file and select either "Zip" or "Compress" (depending on what software you have on your computer) from the pull-down menu.


Step 3

Wait for the program to begin to zip. Once it does, cancel the process. The new zip file is created, but not of the entire file (due to the process being canceled part way through the compression process). Delete the original word file and extract the word document from the zip file. The file does not open because it is only a partial copy of the original file.


Step 4

Select the original file (if you do not want to zip it) and select "Rename." Go into where the file extension is of the file. Change some of the letters in this and click "Save." With the file extension off, the computer may not know how to open the file. For example, if you had a Word document titled "Report.doc," you would go in and change the ".doc" to anything else. If the file is changed to "Report.dml," it does not open properly.