How to Make a Laptop Battery Charger

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A new laptop battery charger brings your dead battery back to life.

When your laptop charger dies, you can make your own replacement. A laptop battery charger converts the outlet electricity from AC to DC. The laptop needs this lower DC voltage to operate and charge the battery. When the charger fails, a replacement adapter can convert the electricity at the voltage and amperage needed to charge the laptop. This is a temporary solution; most chargers have circuitry that prevents battery overcharging. Your temporary replacement could overcharge your battery if used for too long.


Step 1

Locate the ratings on the old charger and make note of the output voltage and amperage. Obtain a universal charger with the same rating.

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Step 2

Place tips inside the adapter port on the laptop until one of them fits. The tip should have some resistance when trying to insert and remove it.


Step 3

Place the correct tip inside the bare end on of the new laptop charger. Plug in the charger to the outlet and the tip into the laptop. Confirm that the charger is charging the battery.




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