How to Make a Recipe Card Database in Microsoft Access

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If you have a lot of recipes just lying around on pieces of paper or tucked into cookbooks, you've probably dreamed about having them all in one place that was easy to access. With the advent of computers and database programs, that is now a possibility. Microsoft Access is a database program that comes as part of the Microsoft Office Suite. With the use of this program and a simple template, you can set up all your favorite recipes in a database on your computer.


Step 1

Go to the Recipe Collection Database at (see Resources for link) and download the database template to your desktop.

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Step 2

Double click on the "Recipe Collection Database" template. This will open the template in Microsoft Access.


Step 3

Click on "Enter/View Recipes" when the "Main Switchboard" window pops up. You will see five recipes already entered. You can type over these recipes with your own, or keep them and click on the arrow next to the record number at the bottom until you get to a blank recipe card. Just click this arrow to the next blank recipe card form whenever you want to add a new recipe.


Step 4

Add all your favorite recipes to your recipe database. You can do this by typing in the "Recipe Name", then hitting the tab button on your keyboard and going to the next field which is "Description" and filling the description of the recipe in. Continue tabbing to each field and filling in the information. The card has the following fields to be filled: "Food Category," "Source," "Time to Prepare," "Number of Servings," "Instructions," "Utensils," "Calories," "Ingredients," and "Nutritional Info." When you're done click on the arrow next to the recipe number at the bottom of the card to go to the next blank recipe card.


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