How to Make a Skinny Person Fat in Photoshop

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Using Adobe Photoshop, you can alter the physical features of any thin person and make her appear fat. By applying this technique, you can entertain your friends, blow up your favorite celebrities or simply gain a sense of how you might look after years of poor nutrition. Best of all, the standard Photoshop software has everything you need to apply the necessary effects without requiring any additional plug-ins.


Step 1

Load a usable image into Photoshop. You will want to select a clear image in which the subject faces the camera with a visible head and body. Just drag the image onto the Photoshop icon to open.

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Step 2

Select your lasso tool from the "Tools" palette. Click "Window" on the menu bar and select "Tools" from the list if your "Tools" palette does not already appear on your screen. You can choose the standard lasso tool, which allows you to freely draw a marquee around the selection of your choice, or you can choose the magnetic lasso, which automatically clings to edges while you draw your selection, for greater precision.


Step 3

Draw a selection around the head and body of the person you want to make fat. Choose a starting point, like the top of the person's head, click your mouse once and begin tracing along the edges of the person with your mouse, making your way all the way around until you return to your starting point. Click the mouse a second time to complete the selection.


Step 4

Click "Filter" on your menu bar and select "Liquify" from the drop down menu. A new window will appear.

Step 5

Select the "Bloat" tool on the left side of the "Liquify" window and adjust the size until it appears slightly larger than the area you want to blow up. The "Brush Size" editor appears on the right side of the "Liquify" window.



Step 6

Hover your mouse over the area you want to blow up and click your mouse once. Click the mouse additional times to continue expanding the selection until it looks just right. You will want to do the head and body separately to maintain the most control.

Step 7

Select the "Warp" tool on the left side of the "Liquify" window.


Step 8

Use your mouse to stretch specific parts of the image that will enhance the look of obesity. For example, stretch the sides of the mouse outward to create jowls, and stretch the hips outward to create more of a pear shape.

Step 9

Click "OK" on the "Liquify" window when you finish adjusting your selection.

Step 10

Save your image by by clicking "File" on the menu bar and choosing the "Save" option.

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