How to Remove Stretch Marks in Photos

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Stretch marks are one of those unsightly blemishes that most people wish would just go away. Fortunately, this is exactly what can happen when you open a digital photograph in a photo-editing software program. In a short time and with a few easy clicks, unsightly stretch marks are gone, and you can pretend they don't even exist. Once you learn how to remove stretch marks and other blemishes on digital photographs, all of your digital images can appear perfect.


Step 1

Open your photograph in your photo-editing software. Duplicate the photograph and close the original photograph.

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Step 2

Locate and select the blemish-fixing tool. This will likely be located within the tool palette within the program.


Step 3

Magnify the area of the photograph that contains the stretch marks so that you can edit it precisely with the tool.

Step 4

Place the cursor over the stretch mark area so the fixing area covers the stretch marks. Click the mouse to use the tool. Click the mouse more than once, if necessary. It may be necessary to move the cursor around over the stretch mark area to cover the entire area.



Step 5

Continue clicking the mouse until the stretch marks have disappeared to your satisfaction and the skin appears smooth and without blemish. Save your photograph with a different name than the original.




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